Next Step Student Mentoring Program

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Next Step is a mentoring program designed to assist students in the process of applying for and selecting the college, or continuing education program, that is right for them, and gives them the best chance at future success.  Patterned after a similar program started by the Lakewood WA Rotary Club, Next Step identifies good students who have aspirations to continue their education after graduation, but may not have the support group around them to achieve their goals without our help.  The program helps students:

  • Ensure they are enrolled in classes that give them the best chance to pursue their future goals,

  • stay on track in preparing for standardized testing,

  • learn how to set themselves apart from their peers in the college application process, and

  • identify and pursue scholarship opportunities.

Students are selected into the program as incoming sophomores through an extensive interview process, and they continue to participate through their senior year, meeting with their mentors on a weekly basis.  Each student has two Rotarians who serve as mentors which gives them individualized attention.  The mentors meet with each other as well to ensure that each student is getting the right information at the right time.  Currently we are in the first year of our pilot program and we have 3 students in the program.  We hope to be able to expand the program to reach more students in the future.