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Miracle League

The Miracle League was formed as a youth baseball league for children with special needs. It offers these children an opportunity to suit up in a uniform, step up to the plate, and enjoy playing the game of baseball in its purest form. This is a dream most of them would not be able to realize as members of a traditional youth league.

There is something about playing the game of baseball that lights up a youngsters eyes. But for children facing serious disabilities, that opportunity can often be difficult to achieve. Baseball diamonds weren't exactly designed with wheelchairs and crutches in mind. It is the goal and dream of the Rotary Club of Monroe to build Rotary Field, a unique ballpark designed to accommodate the needs of children with disabilities.

In 2007 our program caught the attention of our local branch of the Snohomish County YMCA. They (and we) are excited to announce that they have adopted the program (from an administration standpoint), because it's bigger than our little Rotary Club ever dreamed it would be, and they can expand the sports offerings to our kids--not just baseball! A special thank you to the City of Monroe and our YMCA for seeing our program for what it is--awesome.

The Miracle League Baseball Program is open to kids of all ages with all types of disabilities. Everybody hits, everybody gets on base, and everybody scores--- every inning! If you know a child who may want to participate, please let him or her know that they are welcome to join us.