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Sarah Lunstrom Dec 18, 2019
Monroe Cold Weather Shelter
Monroe Cold Weather Shelter

When it's freezing cold,
you walk all night, just to stay alive...

- a Cold Weather Shelter guest

That's why we open the Cold Weather Shelter...
so that no one in Monroe
has to worry about freezing to death.

Volunteers keep our shelter open - you can help!

Volunteers typically work one four hour shelter shift per open night. Our Shelter Director or Shelter Manager will always be onsite together with you. For more information, please email Michael Lorio, our Cold Weather Shelter Director. Thank you!

The shelter opens on any night from November 15th to March 15th when the temperature is forecast to fall below 32 degrees.  When it's cold, call our hotline to confirm the shelter is open.

(360) 453-7622

updated daily by 2pm


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